Ever been so mad at fruits that you felt like throwing shurikens at them? No? Uhm, ok, we've been... it's awesome! It is pretty adictive too!

How to play:

  • You start with 6 shurikens.
  • Tap the screen and RELEASE to launch the shuriken.
  • Hit the fruit with the shuriken to get 1 point.
  • Hit the fruit directly in the middle for a "Master Hit" and an extra point.
  • Every time you miss the fruit you lose 1 shuriken.
  • Watch out! Some levels are harder and you might run into obstacles, try to avoid them. Every time you hit an obstacle you lose a shuriken.
  • Try to get as many points before running out of shurikens.
  • If you get a personal best (Highscore) you can share it on Facebook and challenge your friends.

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