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Virtual reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world.

Trainig course with scores and top ability finder VR.

Product management VR, Equipment assembly industry VR

Real Estate VR, Rooms Design

Software Development

In a world that depends on IT, NecSys develop software more faster and more scalable.

Software for Warehousing, HR, CRM and training

Maintenance of Software for Medical Purposes

Database management software, Data Warehousing

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Mobile App Development

Software Development

About us

 Among these 11 years in the IT sector, we have gained knowledge about web development and maintenance. We offer secure mail servers and hosting accounts, protected by a system of security filters and algorithms to prevent data leaks, DoS(Denial-of-service), and to ensure none of our client's data gets in malicious hands.
 We also provide front-end and back-end protection for web apps and platforms against code injection or malicious intended actions.
 We help the research and scientific world by developing VR applications for various domains, mostly electronics and components industry, created mostly for educational or experimental purposes. Our clients use these VR apps to find new ways of instructing employess about how some technological procesess work or to get along by new means of production and development. Also, a well done virtual reality app, combined along with realtime physics and high quality graphics, is by far, the easiest way to learn in a harm and hazardous-free environment about how some things work or how should they work.



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Our services

Web development & design

We create web platforms and websites suitable for any needs, responsive and resource efficient, with simple UX/UI.

IT Consulting

We make sure that we do everything we can to achieve all the objectives you have set for yourself and to offer you the best solutions. Partnerships with IT suppliers guarantee our success and quality!

Mobile app development

We develop iOS & Android applications, intuitive and practical, for almost any field, in order to obtain productivity, to be always in trend and one step ahead of the others. We always try to be up to date with all the technological innovations and not only, but to offer you the best services.

Networks & Solutions

We configure networks and network systems, along with data centers and backup solutions. We also offer maintenance and support to your company's IT infrastructure! We always try to be with our clients and offer them specialized services.

IT Security

Due to the numerous cyber attacks, IT security has become very important. We have solutions for data protection and IT infrastructure, we are always informed about these problems to prevent them.

Electronic Archiving

Successful organizations are those that manage to integrate information into business processes and management systems, without too much manual intervention to save time and reduce costs!

Young and professionals, leaders of Alba Iulia's local IT market. 👍.


Mircea Lămurean

Manager, SC Saga SRL

Since 2010, Necsys has been responsible for all ICT related matters within the DN Agrar group. We are satisfied with the sustainable cooperation with Necsys. They develop software and come up with solutions for our digital infrastructure between all our companies. We see Necsys as the partner to continue to improve everything that has to do with ICT within DN Agrar in the coming years. If a problem occurs, we only have to call, they make immediately time for us to solve the problem. Necsys consists of a young and open-minded team, the perfect recipe for success and dedication.


Jan De Boer

General Director, DN Agrar

Ready and professionals! Young and Perfectionis


Marius Cristea

Director, Nelmar Eurofruit

Nice guys with a lot of IT knowledge, i have called them for whatever my IT-related problem was! Strongly recommend!


Vladimir Sturza

Manager General, Steeloil Service

Well done and fast. Their own ideas and solutions but also open to suggestions from us. Overall we are very satisfied with the services offered!


Carmen Voicu

Fondator și Managing Partner Consiergo

These guys do the job well!


Marius Dușe

Manager General, Atu Tech

I'm deeply impressed by their enthusiasm and proficiency!


George Neaga

Manager General, Move Design Studio

I had a very good collaboration with the Necsys team! I recommend them!


Paul Ștefan

Manager General, MP Cleaning

The support they have offered me was always on time and on purpose!


Voichița Arabagiu

Director General, Kosmos Tre SRL

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