We develop custom software services to meet the needs of your business. We are implementing quality and professionalism in every project starting from the ones mentioned to the personalized ones!

VR Development

We are creating your reality. Virtual reality is a fascinating method to travel and experience a different reality. The user can manipulate things and change the perspective in a convincing way, depending on the head moves and steps

Web / Automotive Software Development

The permanent evolution of the automotives followed the change of the car's capacities, while the software became a fundamental part of it. We are develop a secured and advanced software while following the trends on the industry market

AR Development

Necsys develops personalised AR software, from all types of categories for any business. Starting from an unique design to an optimal functionality. You are coming with the concept, we are delivering the results


  • NecSys - Leelo
  • NecSys - Nealize
  • NecSys - Construction
  • NecSys - Orders
  • NecSys - Agriculture Transport
  • Save time and improve the performance with Leelo.
  • Is it possible to have a high productivity within a short time? It’s possible with Leelo. No need for other apps
  • All the necessary services in one click
  • CRM - Contacts, Leads, Conversion
  • Projects, Task and Workspace
  • Facturare, Oferte, Comenzi
  • Cloud File Manager
  • HR - Human Resources
  • Registration, Contracts, Annexes

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  • Efficient, Fast, Useful
  • The stacks of paper can become a real headache. Realize helps you save time by introducing automatic all the information in the system
  • No need to waste time by introducing all the documents by hand anymore. Realize does it for you. Just scan the file and the result will be within minutes
  • The app is developed especially for the accounting activities to minimise by 90% the time spent with the papers

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  • Gestionați eficient toate procesele
  • Maximizați profitabilitatea lucrărilor
  • Planificați resursele și bugetul proiectelor/lucrarilor
  • Urmăriți proiectele în timp real
  • Controlați stocurile și aprovizionarea
  • Planificați și urmăriți consumurile
  • Costuri automate pe santiere de la masini
  • Planificati echipe si utilaje

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  • Integreaza comenziile tale cu softul ERP/Conta
  • Preluare Comenzi
  • Flux de lucru pe departamente
  • Export comenzi in csv
  • Interfata mobile
  • Nomenclatoare
  • Rapoarte si Analiza
  • Acces rapid la datele despre clienți: solduri, comenzi anterioare, istoric plăți, persoane responsabile, date de contact

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  • Gestionează cursele
  • Creează o bază de date a clienților și dirijează comenzile
  • Evoluează progresul după statistici
  • Administrează serviciile de transport și nu numai. Salvează toate rapoartele și documentele necesare, având acces ușor și rapid
  • Organizează inteligent datele clienților și accesează-le de câte ori ai nevoie
  • Dorești o analiză pentru a vedea cum decurge progresul săptămânal sau lunar? Statisticile generate automat te vor ajuta să vezi totalul curselor, cât și a comenzilor efectuate

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