Service Details

Virtual and Augmented Reality.

VR is a technology that depends on special glasses which can change your reality in a convincing way. Therefore, instead of watching on a screen, the user is completely integrated in a virtual reality and has the ability to interact with 3D objects. The technology also manages to simulate many senses: hearing, sight, touch and even smell, which makes the user experience become as real as possible.

Augmented reality is a technology that simulates objects in real life, while virtual reality creates the surrounding environment. AR combines the real-life elements with the simulated ones. The NecSys team will work hard to create your reality. We use innovative techniques and methods to achieve the best results. We know how to incorporate quality in the final product in order to offer you an unique VR/AR experience.

Automotive Software Development.

Today, more and more drivers choose cars based not only on their design or engine, but also on their environmental footprint and software applications. Many modern automobiles include integrated systems that improve the safety and comfort of both drivers and passengers. Car innovations are fueled primarily by IT. Automotive technologies and their capabilities are changing faster and faster. Thus, computers are becoming an important part in the development of the automotives. Every detail is important and carefully analyzed, because in such cases there is no room for mistakes.

We know how to develop secure software, we guarantee you quality and professionalism. We have all the necessary skills and knowledge, we analyze the risks, respect the demand and offer the right software depending on your needs

Web & Mobile Development.

Mobile and web application development is a set of actions and procedures involved in writing software for all types of devices, becoming an important part of the software industry in the last decade. We use modern techniques that improve the user experience and functionality of the platform and implement the best solutions to achieve a successful software.

NecSys develops the right applications for you and your business. We work together to combine talents and concepts, and in the end we have results that will impress both you and your audience. With over 10 years of experience, we are sure that we can create an ideal software.